Copy Wright Series


Copy Wright tapes are as much a grand tribute to the person as they are a simple act of appreciation for that person's lifetime of dedication. Pat Wright was among the (small) core of dedicated punks who worked to reopen 924 Gilman Street after Tim Yohannon left the project in 1987. Pat Wright was the President of a scrappy Local Union in San Francisco who encouraged other punks to join so they could earn an honest living on their own terms while still taking the time to tour and...and they could be the people they wanted to be. Pat Wright was a DJ at UC Berkeley's KALX, playing whatever the fuck he wanted from ARTICLES OF FAITH and MINUTEMEN to Robert Johnson (he fucking loved Robert Johnson), ODILIO GONZALEZ and MAHMOUD AHMED. He interviewed Lydia Lunch and RAW POWER and Penelope Houston. He talked shit. He recorded himself playing piano, he recorded the 1956 World Series, he recorded bands while they were in their vans on tour, and he recorded himself tearing apart a trailer in Orinda, California. He recorded everything. And those recordings are the source material for the Copy Wright tapes, an endless series in honor of a man who understood that the physical life was not, in fact, endless.